Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hand Dyed, and Hand Spun

First I bought some 64 count Merino Top Ecru/Undyed Roving, then I hand dyed the roving with Jacquard Acid Dye, in the colors Hot Fuchsia, and Turquoise. I got a Beautiful blue, green, pink, and purple roving. Then I hand spun the roving, and 2 plyed, the yarn, which made a very thin yarn. I wanted a thicker yarn, so I cabled the 2 plys that I had. This Beautiful yarn is the result of my work. I got 120 yards, of a very pretty blue, green, pink, and purple yarn!!
I am soooo very happy with my yarn. This link shows you how to cable yarn

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Mimi said...

My computer crashed and burned and I have had a devil of a time finding you . Love your cookin and knittin and links you share. I have a 10 year old GD so enjoy the girls together stuff as well.