Saturday, December 26, 2009

Main Street

This is what Main Street looks like in my small town this afternoon.

The snow

Matt plowing through the snow with the snow blower.

The snow is DEEP

Jamie walked over to see us this morning.
The snow is DEEP. She is taking her snowsuit off. I snapped a quick picture to show how high the snow goes up her legs. Way up over her knees. It is DEEP and cold. The interstate is still closed. We got about 16 inches of snow, maybe more. Burr

Friday, December 25, 2009

Matt's Beer Bread

We are very snowed in today. The streets are not plowed in our small town yet. And the interstate was closed last night, and is still closed this morning. We could not get out of town if we had to. So Matt decided to bake a loaf of his favorite Beer Bread.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Matt's new hat

Matt is such a Lucky because his lovely wife, (that would be me) knit him a very warm hat from her hand spun yarn. The Watch Cap is his favorite kind of hat because it is a very long hat, that is cuffed up , which keeps the ears extra warm. You need a very warm hat here in South Dakota in the winter time. I have some brown Merino wool that I spun into a single, then I spun some Coopworth wool/angora that I also spun into a single. Then I plied the two together to get a very warm worsted weight wool yarn. Then I knit a simple 2 x 2 rib Watch Cap for Matt. Now he is one happy guy!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You Mary Jane

Some one call 911, because I am in shock and not breathing. No kidding, I am overwhelmed by the
AMAZING box that MJ sent to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Where to start, where to start!
First of all I got a Beautiful hand knit shawl, that at this very moment I have wrapped around my shoulders, keeping me warm on this
very COLD winter morning, and I don't think that I will take it off until next April!!!! I have a Darling hand knit hat ,
on my head, and I am drinking my morning coffee out of an Elvis mug. Can you see why I need an ambulance right now, because
I must be near death, because I am NOT breathing yet. and I am not done telling you about all of the AMAZING gifts in
my box. MJ also gave me the PERFECT knitting book, she was so very much thinking of me when she choose this book,
Knitting On Top of the World, by Nicky Epstein, with designs in it from Scandinavia, Iceland, Latvia, Russia, and Estonia. When the paramedics get here they are going to have to pry this book out of my hands, because I am never going to want to put this book down!! And I am still going through my box. There is 8 ozs of the softest warmest roving EVER 8 oz of Coopworth wool/angora roving, which I will have on my wheel, if I ever start breathing on my own again!!!!
And MJ also got me The Knit Kit something that every single knitter should have! Everything right at my finger tips when I need it. I am
keeping it on my table right next to my chair in the living room, where I sit and knit all day. I am still not done opening gifts yet, Matt may have to help me,
because this is much to much for me. You see I am still not breathing, because every gift just keeps getting better and better. Out of the box now is a BEAUTIFUL glass
slipper to add to my slipper collection. I have over 300 slippers, and MJ gave me another one, And it is one that I don't already have, and have never seen before.
Just the PERFECT slipper for me!! One more thing in my box, it is Rose Quartz, rock soap, that I will use when I take a bath, if I ever recover from opening this amazing box.
MJ everything in the box was chosen just for me, and I LOVE ever single gift in my box. A Million Thank You's, and a Million Hugs Mary Jane.
This is just the perfect gift!!!! I am going to try and calm down now, and sit quietly in my chair and browse through my knitting book, and finish my morning coffee.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Horseshoe Sock with Round Toe Pattern

I designed this sock using the horseshoe pattern. The horseshoe goes all the way down the front of the foot, and down to the heel of the sock in the back. So the pattern runs up and down the middle of the sock. It is a very easy to knit 8 row pattern repeat. It is easy to memorize the pattern after just a couple of repeats. Worked from the top down on size 1 DPN using fingering weight yarn.

Friday, December 11, 2009

No Big Top Cupcake Pan for me

OK Wal Mart had the Big Top Cupcake pans yesterday.
I am sure you have seen them advertised on TV.
The box said that they come with an Idea Book.
Mine did not come with an idea book.
It was tuff but I found a customer service number for the product.
called them and told them that the idea book did not come in my box and could they
send one to me.
They said NO since I bought it at WM, I had to take it back to WM.
Well I have read some reviews of the product and it seems like a
lot of people did not get their Idea book either.
The only thing in the box was the pan.
NO instructions on how to use it at all.
No baking times, no ideas for what to put on the inside for fillings.
Nothing, nota, zip.
I was so pissed because they would not send me their stupid Idea Book.
I am taking the darn thing back, and I am not getting another one.
It is a very flimsy silicone pan type deal that doesn't even want to stand up.
If you would put batter in it, I am not even sure that it would stay upright while baking.
You may end up with cake batter every where.
I am sooooooo disappointed.
Casey saw it advertised on TV and wanted me to buy one so that we cod bake big cup cakes, and
then decorate them. I thought that it would be sh a FUN kid project.
But unfortunately we won't be able to do it!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen

The Keepsake is a breathtakingly good Book. Full of Action packed suspense!!! It is a very fascinating book. You are guessing and guessing all the way through this book.It is a stunner from page 1 to the very end!!! Read it!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Peanut Butter Bon, Bons

Casey and Grandma made chocolate, peanut butter bon bons today. Casey is enjoying the chocolate.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Knitting On My Mind

Knitted last night and the night before
Husband came in and threw me out of the door
Someday I'll stop
Just give me another sock
Knitting is on my mind

When I'm not knitting I shiver and shake
If my needles are clicking I don't care what I make
Sweaters, scarves or throws
Anything goes
Knitting is on my mind

Fairisles are funky and cables are neat
When I cast on my life feels complete
I need needles, yarn and hues
To cast off the blues
Knitting is on my mind

Finished my knitting I've run out of wool
When my needles are empty everything's dull
Though my fingers are sore
Gotta get to the store
Knitting is on my mind
© Jean Moss, 2003