Friday, February 6, 2009

Navajo Creek Handspun Yarn

Navajo Creek is hand dyed and handspun merino wool. I used Turquoise and brown dyes. I got a wonderful mix of Turquoise, brown, and green. These colors all together remind me of a Beautiful flowing creek on a sunny afternoon. So refreshing and peaceful. The turquoise reminds me of the water in the creek, the brown reminds me of the stones in the creek, and the green is the color of moss growing on the stone. This yarn is very soft and has great texture. You can knit or crochet something very Beautiful with this yarn. You will receive 2 skeins of this yarn, that is 5.7 ounces,16 WPI, so it is Sport weight yarn, and 400 yards.
With 400 yards of Sport weight yarn you could knit a scarf, or 2 hats, or a pair of mittens, or fingerless mitts, even socks.

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