Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Matt's Very First Brand New Bike

This is my husband's very first Brand New Bike. He is a very frugal man, and hardly ever buys anything new for himself. And he doesn't often let me buy anything new for him either. He is always one to buy things used and at a bargain price. Any way , we have been married 30 this year on March 21st. I of course wanted to buy him an Anniversary gift. He is very difficult to buy for. He never needs or wants any thing. So he wouldn't let me buy anything thing for him either. No need to waste the money.
Well he had an old used bike that he got for free. Finally the tire on the bike blew out and he needed a new tire for his old , used free bike. He shopped around and priced a new tire for his old used, free, bike and it was going to be $30.00 for a new tire. There was no way he was going to spend $30.00 for a new tire for his bike.
So I jumped at the chance to buy him a gift. And he let me buy him a Brand New bike. the first brand new bike he has ever had in his life. He is 59 years old. I am sure that his brand new bike will last him for the rest of his life!!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and he sure looks pleased! What a great gift. he will really enjoy it, I know. mj

Spinning Out of Control said...

Oh my gosh...are we married to the same guy! That's my husband all the way. They are so hard to buy for!