Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nemesis Sock Finished

On December 29th of last year I broke my right arm. Needless to say it slowed my knitting down.
As a matter of fact my knitting stopped. Just about everything stopped. I am right handed,
and I broke my right arm. I need two hands to knit. I found out that I need two hands to do just about anything.
My husband was AMAZING during this time and took very Good care of me. A Queen has not been treated better then I was while
my arm was broken. Thank You so much Matt!!! I hope that I never have to return the favor to you. I hope that you never
break your arm or anything else. You are my Knight in Shinning Armor.
Any way enough about the arm. On March 29th I decided that I could pick up my knitting again. I was knitting a sweater.
The sweater turned out a bit to heavy to hold with a broken arm. So I went browsing the patterns in Ravelry for a sock
to knit. I choose the Nemesis Sock. A Great pattern not to difficult to knit, not to boring to knit. And light weight enough
to knit with a broken arm. Today I finally finished the socks. I knit them on size 1 DPN, and used Knit Picks Stroll yarn in the color Burgundy.
I Love the way that my socks turned out!!!!

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anonymousknitter said...

This is totally awesome!