Sunday, October 14, 2012


It has been a month since I put any knitting content on my blog. I have been knitting, and paper crafting. It seems like my paper crafting has taken over my blog! Any way I have knit a couple of pairs of socks. Just Basic top down socks. Knit on size 2 needles, 1 inch ribbing, classic heel and toe. I had been knitting socks with a size one needle for a long time. But I decided to change things up and knit with size 2. Man O Man knitting socks with size 2 needles is so much faster for me!! It is size 2 needles from now on for me. Unless I find a pattern written in size 1 needles that I fall in Love with.
I used Walk Away yarn for one pair of socks and Red Heart Heart & Sole for the other pair. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. I only wear hand knit socks! Lucky me! You need nice warm socks in South Dakota in the winter time that is for sure, and winter is just around the corner.

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Ariel said...

They're beautiful and your feets will be nice and cozy. :-)