Thursday, October 16, 2008


My Dear, Dear knitting friend Ariel, (some times I refer to her as my Knitting angel, because she has answered so many, many of my knitting questions.) introduced my to soaping last year, or maybe the year before last I don't remember for sure. Any way this is melt and pour soap, so very easy. So many colors and scents can be added to the soap. And a little bar of soap is all ways a nice little add in, to any gift. I usually wrap my soap in hand made paper, that I buy at craft stores. Well today it was time to wrap my soap, and I was out of hand made paper, so I decided to wrap my soap with ribbon instead. I think that my soap is soooo much prettier wrapped in ribbon, that I may continue to wrap with ribbon. What do you think?


MJ said...

The ribbon is beautiful but I would think that the handmade paper would be very special too. undecided mj

Ariel said...

I think the ribbon looks really pretty. :-)