Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am probably the worlds slowest knitter! But I Love knitting, and knit every single day. I wanted to show you the progress that I have made on my sock, using the HiyaHiya 9 inch knitting needle. I have finished the leg and am starting on the heel flap. This is just the slickest little needle. I think that I can knit socks faster with this little needle. And I think that this would be the perfect little needle for knitting socks while traveling, because you wouldn't have to worry about losing one of your knitting needles. I have to tell you this little needle did take a bit of getting used to. The first day my right hand hurt a bit from knitting with it. But after that first day everything was fine! And my hand did not hurt any more! I really like this little needle!!


auntieheatherknits said...

I've never tried HiyaHiya needles yet, but have heard good things about them. The sock looks great!

Araignee said...

Those are great looking socks. I have never seen this needle but will have to go look for one now! I don't mind my dblpoints but lately I keep pulling the needles out when I take the socks out of my bag!

Red said...

I actually managed to fly to Japan without being given crud by airport security because I had one of these in my sock-knitting. They DO work fast, although I was knitting socks for my then-bf and they seemed to take longer just cause his foot is so dang big! I do enjoy them, though.