Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iris Hand knit Neck Warmer

You can only get a scarf this Beautiful from hand dyed, handspun, hand knit wool. I hand dyed 100% Merino wool using Easter Egg dye. Which I spun into a Beautiful color that I call Iris. The Iris was named after the Goddess of the Rainbow because of its many colors. I got a wonderful mix of purple and yellow in this amazing Neckwarmer. It is soft, warm, and Beautiful. Sure to keep your neck nice and warm against the winter cold, wind, and snow.


Elaine said...

I just love the neckwarmer! Beautiful yarn.

Madame Hook. said...

Purple and yellow! My two favorite colors! I wish my neck warmer turned out this nice. Did you spin the yarn yourself?

mrae said...

Yes I did spin the yarn myself! :)