Sunday, February 28, 2010

80 T Pins

I have my shawl blocked in my dinning room right now. I used some foam play mats that I have for my Granddaughter to play with. I put them down for a blocking mat, and used 80 T pins to hold the shawl in place. It measures 69 x 30 now. I put 1 scallop in the edge of my shawl. I thought that would look nicer then a plain straight edge.


Pinneguri said...

I like your shawl, I like your board and I like your T pins - never seen anything like any of it :)

Kimberly Pye said...

Great idea for blocking! Much cheaper (even if you didn't already have them anyway) than buying a real blocking mat for mucho $$$! I might have to get some of those... :)

Birdwell said...

Don't ya love those mats? Mine are priceless to me: I have threatened the limbs of my kids if they try to play on them. Grin. I also have blocking wires so I don't have to worry about the eleventy billion pins-cuts it down to eleventy million...LOL.

I've gotta go find what yarn you's a beautiful colour.