Sunday, July 10, 2011

Murder on St. Mark's Place by Victoria Thompson

I can tell you that I am enjoying this series of mysteries so very much.
Sarah is a midwife by trade. She has to work because she is a widow. Her husband was
a Doctor and was murdered three years ago. The mystery of his murder is still unsolved.
St. Mark's Place is a row of tenement buildings , in the heart of Little Germany, in New York.
Sarah delivers a baby for Agnes Otto, and finds out that Agnes's sister is murdered.
Her name is Gerda, a young girl of sixteen, that came to live with Agnes and her husband. She has only lived in America for 1 year, and she is murdered.
Sarah with the help of her detective friend Frank Malloy solve this case.
My very favorite character in this whole book is Mrs. Elsworth. Take notice of her while you are reading this book. I am sure that you will like her also.
This book is a Good Read!!

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