Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diet Update

This morning I am happy to report another pound lost. Man O Man that was 1 tuff pound to lose!!! I dieted all week, and did 200 sit ups a day, that is 1,400 sit ups for the week, and I only lost 1 pound. So my total weight lose is 4 weeks is 4 pounds. But I am not discouraged. I am going to continue on my Weight Watchers - Nutrisystem diet combo, at least for a couple more weeks , because I have 2 weeks of the YUCKY Nutrisystem food left. When that food is gone. I will just continue on with the weight watchers diet.
The sit ups have really, really, really helped to make my waste thinner, and my belly flatter, and tighter. It was HOT and Sunny yesterday, so I took the opportunity to try on my swim suit and lay out in the sun and read for an hour. Let me tell you it was a wonderful hour, and my swim suit fit great.
But I am going to continue on my diet journey because I want to lose more then 4 pounds for all of this work that I have been doing. So this week, starting today I am going to boost my sit ups to 225 a day. Sit ups are so easy with my AbRocket. I just love it!!! Well that's it for this weeks diet update. I will check in again next Tuesday with another update. Hopefully I can lose another pound. If I would lose 2 pounds next week that will be something to celebrate.