Friday, December 11, 2009

No Big Top Cupcake Pan for me

OK Wal Mart had the Big Top Cupcake pans yesterday.
I am sure you have seen them advertised on TV.
The box said that they come with an Idea Book.
Mine did not come with an idea book.
It was tuff but I found a customer service number for the product.
called them and told them that the idea book did not come in my box and could they
send one to me.
They said NO since I bought it at WM, I had to take it back to WM.
Well I have read some reviews of the product and it seems like a
lot of people did not get their Idea book either.
The only thing in the box was the pan.
NO instructions on how to use it at all.
No baking times, no ideas for what to put on the inside for fillings.
Nothing, nota, zip.
I was so pissed because they would not send me their stupid Idea Book.
I am taking the darn thing back, and I am not getting another one.
It is a very flimsy silicone pan type deal that doesn't even want to stand up.
If you would put batter in it, I am not even sure that it would stay upright while baking.
You may end up with cake batter every where.
I am sooooooo disappointed.
Casey saw it advertised on TV and wanted me to buy one so that we cod bake big cup cakes, and
then decorate them. I thought that it would be sh a FUN kid project.
But unfortunately we won't be able to do it!!


Anonymous said...

you were right to return it. it should have come with an instruction sheet and color booklet. I'm making it right now--it puffs up so high when it bakes. you will have to cut off all of that tall puffy cake to make it flat to fit the 2 halves together...i think you'd need 2 boxes of mix.

manzy said...

okay. big top cupcake pan is CRAP! i got one for Christmas and i was so excited for it. i bake all the time so i know the odds and ends about it. it was awful. silicon s a non stick substance. pssh the hell with that. my lemon poppy seed cake stuck so bad i had to dig it out with a fork. it was insane. DO NOT GET THE PAN. EVER!