Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You Mary Jane

Some one call 911, because I am in shock and not breathing. No kidding, I am overwhelmed by the
AMAZING box that MJ sent to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Where to start, where to start!
First of all I got a Beautiful hand knit shawl, that at this very moment I have wrapped around my shoulders, keeping me warm on this
very COLD winter morning, and I don't think that I will take it off until next April!!!! I have a Darling hand knit hat ,
on my head, and I am drinking my morning coffee out of an Elvis mug. Can you see why I need an ambulance right now, because
I must be near death, because I am NOT breathing yet. and I am not done telling you about all of the AMAZING gifts in
my box. MJ also gave me the PERFECT knitting book, she was so very much thinking of me when she choose this book,
Knitting On Top of the World, by Nicky Epstein, with designs in it from Scandinavia, Iceland, Latvia, Russia, and Estonia. When the paramedics get here they are going to have to pry this book out of my hands, because I am never going to want to put this book down!! And I am still going through my box. There is 8 ozs of the softest warmest roving EVER 8 oz of Coopworth wool/angora roving, which I will have on my wheel, if I ever start breathing on my own again!!!!
And MJ also got me The Knit Kit something that every single knitter should have! Everything right at my finger tips when I need it. I am
keeping it on my table right next to my chair in the living room, where I sit and knit all day. I am still not done opening gifts yet, Matt may have to help me,
because this is much to much for me. You see I am still not breathing, because every gift just keeps getting better and better. Out of the box now is a BEAUTIFUL glass
slipper to add to my slipper collection. I have over 300 slippers, and MJ gave me another one, And it is one that I don't already have, and have never seen before.
Just the PERFECT slipper for me!! One more thing in my box, it is Rose Quartz, rock soap, that I will use when I take a bath, if I ever recover from opening this amazing box.
MJ everything in the box was chosen just for me, and I LOVE ever single gift in my box. A Million Thank You's, and a Million Hugs Mary Jane.
This is just the perfect gift!!!! I am going to try and calm down now, and sit quietly in my chair and browse through my knitting book, and finish my morning coffee.


Mary said...

Wow! Lucky you!

Dawn said...

Mona, you made my day, this was the first post I read today and it was so funny and happy, it made me laugh and smile! :O)

Thanks for spoiling me ROTTEN too!!!!!!!!! ;O) (Going to go play with all of my stuff now......)

momof2grls said...

Very nice gift... Happy Holidays...