Friday, December 4, 2009

Knitting On My Mind

Knitted last night and the night before
Husband came in and threw me out of the door
Someday I'll stop
Just give me another sock
Knitting is on my mind

When I'm not knitting I shiver and shake
If my needles are clicking I don't care what I make
Sweaters, scarves or throws
Anything goes
Knitting is on my mind

Fairisles are funky and cables are neat
When I cast on my life feels complete
I need needles, yarn and hues
To cast off the blues
Knitting is on my mind

Finished my knitting I've run out of wool
When my needles are empty everything's dull
Though my fingers are sore
Gotta get to the store
Knitting is on my mind
© Jean Moss, 2003


Margie said...

I love the poem!!! And oh so true for a real knitter. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem. I'm more like a crocheter but it's just the same if you have crafty mania :) It also reminded me of Scooter's "She's the sun" melody. That's weird but it just sounded the same way in my head.