Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big Cupcake

Casey and Grandma, baked Grandpa a Big Cupcake today.
I have been wanting a Big Cupcake pan for a while now. This is the 2nd pan that I have bought. It is a Wilton Big Cupcake pan, and I LOVE it. I can see Casey and I making a lot more cupcake cakes with this pan. I did have to use 2 cake mixes for this cup cake. I did have batter left over. But the directions said that 1 box mix would not be enough to make a nice cupcake with. I used Dark Chocolate cake mix, and Cherry frosting. Grandpa's favorite flavors. Casey enjoyed decorating the cake so very much. The hard part of this whole project was getting a 10 year old to smile nice for the picture. I guess she thinks that she is getting a little to big to have her picture taken every single time that we bake something.


Anonymous said...

Such a huge cupcake! Wow! Looks yummy too :)

cagrowngirl said...

That is ONE cupcake?!! Hopefully she shared.