Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spring Garden hand dyed, handspun yarn

The words that I would use to describe this yarn are soft, colorful, Spring, warm, beautiful, Merino wool. Because that is exactly what this is. I hand dyed Merino wool with Easter Egg Dye to get this Beautiful mix of Spring Flower colors.
I see purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, and a hint of blue. Every color of flower that I would want in my Spring Garden.
This is 2 skeins of Merino wool yarn, 1 skein is 52 yards, one skein is 58 yards, for a total of 110 yards of luscious , warm wool yarn. I have wrapped the 2 skeins of yarn into one skein. This is a heavy worsted weight yarn, at 8 WPI.
Gauge per inch 3 - 3.75
Needle size 9 - 11
Hook size I - k


Anonymous said...

Just perfect! Love love love it! mj

Ariel said...

You sure captured Spring!!

cagrowngirl said...

What beautiful yummy yarn!!!