Friday, October 22, 2010

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Anna is married to a man that she does not Love, but she has a son with him that she adores!!! But I wonder did she really Love her son more then herself? Because she sacrificed her relationship with her son, so that she could have a young lover. She lives in Russia during the 19th century, a very rich,  beautiful women, and that thinks she can have any man that she wants. I think that she is a very conceited and selfish women. She has a daughter with her young lover, that she pays very little attention to. Her daughter is being raised by a nurse, that lives in the home with her, and her lover. Any way in the end of the book she throws herself under a train and dies. Her husband keeps her son, and takes her daughter because she has his name. Her young lover is devastated and goes off to war. Another love story in this book is between Levin and Kitty. Their story is very different from Anna's. This is a very long book. 995 pages. But I enjoyed the book very much.

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