Wednesday, June 10, 2009


With Americana I captured the colors of American History and Folklore. I had dyed Merino wool, red and blue, then I spun it into yarn, and plied it with Merion wool in it's natural color white, and plied the two singles together. I got a Beautiful color that I call Americana. This is 4.1 ounces of yarn, that is DK weight at 13 WPI, and is 148 yards long. This yarn can be best knit with size 5 - 6 needles, with 5.5 -6 stitches per inch in gauge.

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bgp said...

that yarn is beautiful! i don't think that i would choose it for myself, im more of a one-colour-at-a-time kinda guy, but really very pretty. i think it's incredible that you make your own yarn, then knit beautiful socks and things. KUDOS.

i myself am only an amateur. i knit for an organization called Warmer Winters ( right now im making a "smoker's jacket" with a patter from 1979.

anyhoo, just wanted to say hi and kudos! thanks for the follow and i'll see you on twitter!