Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diet up date

Ok so I have joined a gym. I go at least 5 times a week to the gym, some times I go 6 times a week. I tan at least every other day. I am Loving my Tan. Any way, I was looking through my dresser drawer today trying to find my tanning goggles. I could not find them :( But I will keep looking because I know that I have a pair of those around here some where. Any was while I was searching for my tanning goggles, I found my Body Fat Caliper. I decided to check my body fat. You can be Lean, Ideal, Average, or Overfat. Guess what!! I am LEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just about the happiest girl in the whole wide world today!!!!!!!!!! I am not losing a lot of weight , but with my exercising my body is making a lot of changes that I Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

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